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It really really made a significant difference in ways I never expected or thought possible.
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Frozen Glandular Extracts Pain
I’m just doing this to keep running and living “pain free” which I have accomplished for the last year as a result of the mesenchyme.
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Frozen Glandular Extracts Mesenchyme for your joints
Actually, it is my opinion that the only reason I am now able to handle the intense training I have been doing is because of the mesenchyme, and now my joints, tendons etc. can take the load far better than the past few years...
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Anecdotal Cases

Anecdotal Case 1

Report Date: 8/25/02
Patient: J.H , 48 years old, CFS since 1991
Clinic: Clymer Healing Research Center
5916 Clymer Road
Quakertown, PA 18951
Dr Poesnecker ND, DC

Product: NatCell® CF Support, 24-day protocol
Observed results for the starting dose and supporting dose:

Immediate improvement in overall muscle weakness

Gradual improvement was noticed in the following areas:

          · Overall stamina
          · Quality of sleep
          · Duration of sleep
          · Chronic nausea ceased
          · Migraine headache ceased
          · Blood pressure readings improved

Observed results for the Maximum dose:

Improvements listed above processed

          · During three out of the eight days, she experienced anxiety and agitation throughout the day.
          · After completion of the 24-day cycle, the improvements were maintained for 7-10 days, with symptoms gradually returning to prior levels.

Observed results on maintenance program (1 vial per week):

          J.H is now on a maintenance program of one vial per week. She feels physically stronger and has more stamina throughout the day. This improved effect does not continue the remaining six days of the week.

Anecdotal Case 2


48 year old menopaused patient (by hysterectomy) 5 years ago following a fibroma.   No other antecedent requiring surgery.  Two normal pregnancies (23 and 28 years old).   Suffered from slight hypertension in 1992 following a job loss.   No medication was necessary.   In 1999, suffered from diffused muscular pains, insomnia, weight loss and asthenia.

Diagnosis: fibromyalgia.

In 2000, constant fatigue and slight anaemia.

Diagnosis: chronic fatigue.

She took iron supplements, hormonotherapy and Paxil (for a 3 months period).  In 2001, hormonotherapy ceased.    Fatigue and pain persisted.   This patient has a vegetarian diet and exercises regularly.    She has a stressing job (accountant).   In January 2002, slight improvement of the general health following a treatment of adrenal extracts pills, anti-oxidants and a PH adjustment.

In May 2002, introduction of CF-Support.

First week: no improvement.

2nd week: less pain, improved sleep, energy level more stable.

3rd week: progression of energy level.

Following the treatment, the energy level of this patient has improved 60 to 70%.
Up to now, the energy level seems to remain stable.   Autumn could bring some changes.

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