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Frozen Glandular Extracts

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is Amazing

It really really made a significant difference in ways I never expected or thought possible.
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Frozen Glandular Extracts Pain
I’m just doing this to keep running and living “pain free” which I have accomplished for the last year as a result of the mesenchyme.
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Frozen Glandular Extracts Mesenchyme for your joints
Actually, it is my opinion that the only reason I am now able to handle the intense training I have been doing is because of the mesenchyme, and now my joints, tendons etc. can take the load far better than the past few years...
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Medicine Man with Dr. Ray

Interview with Alan Tibado Director of Scientific Affairs at Atrium Biotechnology about using state of the art extraction and ultra filtration processes to preserve the integrity of the active molecules and peptides. They are joined by Dr. Nicholas Abershamian, Clinical Bio Chemist specializing in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome regarding Atrium's NatCell CF Support (Adrenal & Mesenchyme), predecessor to the extra strength Lloyd's CF Solution which is identical in composition to Lloyd's Power Solution.

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